Young Adult Carers

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Young adult carers are young people, aged 16–25, who have unpaid responsibility for caring for someone, usually someone in their family.
They may start caring as young as five or six; they may be caring for a parent or grandparent, or sibling. They may be caring for both parents, running the family home, sorting out medicines and hospitals and caring for younger siblings. And all this while trying to go to school or college, having a social life, thinking about growing up, and wondering what to do with their life as an adult.

Young adult carers don’t have the chances in life that many of our young people and children have; their schooling is often disrupted, they can’t take up the chances post-16 of college or apprenticeships, or a job, because they find it too hard to fit around their responsibilities. This publication shows the transformational effects of learning; how offering chances to these young people, with care and guidance, and with consideration for their needs, can give them the opportunity to develop their skills and think about employment.

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