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As a young person in Rhondda Cynon Taf the decisions that are made within the Council as a result of the governments budget decisions could have an impact on your life, not only now but in later life.

You may feel that the Council is nothing to do with you and that you don’t access any services they provide, but did you know the Council is responsible for the majority of after school activities that you may be involved in. These include, e3+, summer school programmes, youth exchange trips, youth clubs, blue light discos, detached youth workers and so much more

If the Council stopped delivering services, the streets would be filled with litter and there would be no street lights at night and it’s not just that, the Council’s transport teams ensure that many of you get to and from school safely and during the winter months they work through the night to clear the snow and ice from the roads.

It is because of all this that the Council want your views, thoughts and ideas on what you feel are the most important services.

Please take some time to answer the following questions and make sure your views count


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