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The Youth Enterprise Live event took place in Earl’s Court, London, for a period of two days, 12th-13th October 2012. The event focused on employment, education and enterprise for 15-30 year olds and brought together a collective audience of solution suppliers and young people to define and determine a more productive and resolute future.

When I first arrived in London, I was really ill so I stayed in the hotel room for a whopping 18 hours. But, I went to the Saturday event and according to someone at the doors, Friday wasn’t as busy as Saturday.

My reason for travelling all the way to London was for my project, Inspire. After completing my funding project with O2 Think Big recently, I was invited to London to pitch the project for a further £2,500 for funding. It was amazing to have had that offer for my project – something that was once a small idea in my head.

I wasn’t due to head back to the O2 Think Big stand until half two, so I had a few hours to kill. I went around a few of the projects’ stalls and found out so much! I can’t remember all of the projects, but the ones that stood out to me were:

Live UnLtd – Having being funded by them as well as Think Big, it was amazing to see them there. When they found out I was one of the projects in Wales to be funded, they were around me like the paparazzi! I had loads of photos taken and they were talking to me about Inspire and the event, etc. I highly recommend you check out Live UnLtd if you have a project you wish to pursue. They are really helpful and you can get quite a bit of funding! Check them out at here.

Butterfly Giving – This charity amazed me so much that I’m going to write a separate article about them! Butterfly Giving is run by 16-year-old Hannah Larkin from England which is “a quirky fresh charity aimed towards preventing, identifying and beating cancer in young people”. Hannah and the B/G trustee, George – a teenager who had to have his leg removed after having cancer at the age of six – were both amazing people and we have decided for our projects to work together. They have a website, a Facebook and a Twitter.

Somewhereto_ – This is “a movement to liberate underused, disused and empty spaces in the UK and get everyone thinking creatively about their communities. We’ve helped thousands of young people find Somewhereto_ do the things they love and unlocked over 300,000 square feet of space. And that’s not counting the space we’ve helped young people claim in the digital world.” This is an amazing organisation and is great for any young person who feels they need a place to do what they love. They aslo have a Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, there were so many other projects which I know you guys would absolutely love and you can check them out here.

When half two came, I headed over to the Think Big stand with my dad (who was my photographer for the day!) where we had a sit down and waited until the other two projects arrived before going to the little room to set up for the presentation. I was first, so I set up the video needed and prepared my speech before being introduced. The presentation wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I thought. I just said what was needed, played the clip and did what I had to do.

With my turn over, I sat in the front row to watch the other two projects and their presentations before the judging panel got together to discuss the results. A few minutes later, one of the panel members came to the microphone to announce the results – all three projects were accepted for the funding! We were all beyond happy with ourselves and headed to the Think Big stand to be told what we had to do next.

The event finally came to a close and everybody left Earl’s Court on a high note after such a successful event. I highly enjoyed the whole event and next year they plan to go around the UK with the event and it has been confirmed that one will be held in Wales so stay tuned!

I’d like to thank O2’s Think Big project for paying for my travel and for accepting Inspire for funding which will benefit us so much, all the projects and creators of the Youth Enterprise Live event and my dad for trailing around with me.

To get involved with Inspire and take part in the editorial group, you can contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter and follow our mascot too!

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