Youth Work Week — How Life’s Changed Since CLIC And Wicid

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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

This article is part of Youth Work Week 2013. You can share your own experience of youth work (and be in with a chance of winning some neat headphones) by clicking here.=””>

I love Wicid and CLIC. A lot. I’m just saying that, either. I really, really mean it. Why? Because it’s changed my life! Literally.

I used to be a girl who kept herself to herself and I didn’t get on with the people I went to school with — we were like chalk and cheese. But when it came to finding Wicid through work experience, I was so intrigued, so when Ryan from CLIC told me about the local editorial group for Wicid, I was really interested.

I was really nervous on my first meeting, but it was the first Rhondda Editorial meeting so everything was new. Thankfully, my cousin was also attending with his two friends and I knew Cat, the editor at the time, so it wasn’t that bad. I was told about the CLIC residential to Anglesey at my first meeting and I was really up for it, despite having anxiety to cope with. I wanted to push past it to achieve what I wanted and Wicid and CLIC were perfect for me.

A month later, I stood outside Pontypridd station with some members of Wicid ready to go to Anglesey, North Wales, for a weekend away. I said goodbye to my dad and inhaled a deep breath before heading onto the bus. It was my first time away without my parents, despite being fifteen, but I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way.

I still class the residential to Angesley one of, if not the best, weekend ever. I met so many new people and learnt so much in the space of 48 hours! People who were strangers are now like a second family to me. I’ve been sticking with both Wicid and CLIConline since then and the experiences I’ve had have been amazing. From interviewing celebrities such as Gino D’acampo, Matt Cardle and Will Best to attending loads of events such as Ponty’s Big Weekend, Big Welsh Bite and even a One Direction Concert! It’s been amazing and my life has changed completely.

CLIC and Wicid have both given me so much more confidence, not to mention experience in things that I want to pursue as a career. I’ve even earned qualifications through workshops and other residentials, not to mention the lifelong friends I’ve made. They’re like a second family!

I was even lucky enough to win CLICer of the Year back in 2011 — just months after I joined CLIC. That was an amazing feeling and to have been nominated, let alone winning, was unbelievable. It was a real eye opener to how much life had changed. I wasn’t a anxious and shy girl anymore, I was a confident, happy loudmouth! In a good way, of course.

There’s so much to say about both websites, but to be honest, the only way you’ll understand what I mean and my love for them both is if you were to take part with us. You’d be crazy not to!



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