YouTube Month: An Interview with AbnormallyAdam

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YouTube user AbnormallyAdam is an Australian teenage fanboy who shares his opinions via the highly popular video sharing site. Since posting his rants, reactions and more on the pop culture world, Adam has gained a lot of followers and views. I got to catch up with Adam for Wicid’s YouTube Month to talk about his popularity.

Hi, Adam! First of all, could you please introduce yourself to the viewers of who may have not heard about you?

Hello. My name is Adam and I am just a guy from Melbourne who creates YouTube videos about almost anything, whether it’s freaking out over TV shows, musical artists or YouTube challenges.

So, you’re beginning to become pretty well known on YouTube and in certain fandoms – especially the One Direction fandom – but what made you want to first make YouTube videos?

Throughout my high school years, I watched all different YouTubers just be themselves and I got inspired to create videos.

Your videos seem to be pretty minimalist with just yourself, your home for a background and your topic – do you just pick up a camera and wing it or is there any thought process and planning into any of your videos?

A bit of both actually. There are times where I just have to rant or make a reaction video about something, so I grab my camera and start shooting. Most of my videos are ‘what you see is what you get’. Sometimes, I actually take the time to think of a video, film it and edit it, and add effects to it. It also depends on how much time I have.

Do you have any tips or rituals you stick by when making a YouTube video?

Yes, I do. When I begin my videos, I always greet the viewers by saying “hola my b******” – which has now become my catchphrase. When I end my videos, I usually farewell them with “ciao for now” or something witty.

YouTube seems to be getting more and more popular these days. In your opinion, what do you think makes YouTube so popular?

I think it’s the content that you find on there. You can find almost anything if you look hard enough. There are funny, sad, happy, angry videos on YouTube, and we all love to watch them.

Who would be your top five favourite YouTubers?

Oooh, that’s a hard one. I have so many I watch. But at the moment: Tyler Oakley, Daily Grace, GloZell, iiSuperwomanii, Troye Sivan.

What about your favourite YouTube challenges?

GloZell’s Cinnamon Challenge is by far my favourite one. Her reaction is just priceless.

Have you heard of The You Generation? (Online YouTube talent search) What do you think of it?

Yes, I have. I think it’s a great way to explore new YouTubers and give the people something new and fresh to watch. I’ve actually entered the competition this month, so fingers crossed.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? Do you think you’ll be just as/even more popular on YouTube or do you think it will just be a thing of the past?

In five years’ time, I hope to be more popular than I am now. As long as I keep regularly updating my YouTube channel with random and wicked videos, I should be fine. Unless I lose my WiFi (which has happened before).

What advice would you give to young people such as yourself who are considering becoming YouTubers?

Be yourself. If you try to be or act like someone you aren’t, people are going to pick up on that and not become interested. If you just be yourself, the world will love you.

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