YouTube Month: An Interview with Joshua Fox

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* Editor’s Note: February is YouTube Month here at Wicid. To start things off, Ihavethecyrusvirusx interviews Joshua Fox – a YouTube personality, paparazzo and all-round celebrity obsessive. *

22 year old Joshua Fox, from Manchester, once held the title for Britain’s Youngest Paparazzo. He has since given this career up, but is now YouTube’s first Celebrity Stalker. I got to speak to Josh for Wicid’s YouTube Month about his crazy life and meetings with some familiar faces.

Hi, Josh! So, you’re a YouTuber whose popularity is rising pretty quickly! How did you first become a YouTuber and when did you first become known on there?

My YouTube recognition kind of came from nowhere. I remember one day walking into my favourite pub in town and queuing at the bar like usual and then this random woman – old enough to be my momma – came up to me asking if I was Joshua Fox. To which I obviously replied yes, well, I am. And then she was all: “MY DAUGHTER LOVESSS YOU, SHE’S OVER THERE, CAN SHE HAVE A PICCY!” and as I turned around to see where she was pointing there was her entire family all staring over with big smiles and frantically waving. Then, once I’d been over to say hello and have some pictures taken, I returned to my spot at the bar and the girl serving who’d watched the entire thing with much intrigue was like: “er are you famous or something?” to which I replied: “No, I make YouTube videos” and she then lost any interest in continuing the conversation and I was back to being my regular normal self. And then, over the next couple of weeks, this seemed to be happening more and more often. Until it got to the point I attended a concert and had a line of people queuing to meet me…security even had to come and intervene a little. It’s all a little odd really.

What sort of content do you post on your channel?

My channel consists of pop stars, alcohol and general mayhem. We get drunk, stalk our favourite bands and vlog in the midst of them. It’s quite a niche channel really.

Have you been to any YouTuber events? Are there any you’d like to go to?

I hosted my first “meet up” where I invited a load of my subscribers down to meet me in Manchester which was the only YouTube event I’d ever really done. I was scared no one would turn up, but surprisingly people did. Quite a few. AND IT WAS A BLOODY GOOD DAY! I used my masses to play pranks on the general public and we made fun videos and we had a jolly old time really.

You’ve been following celebrities for a while now – do you consider any of them friends?

No, and as odd as it may sound – I wouldn’t want to be. My channel is all about going to concerts, shows, tours, meeting our fave celebs and bands at events – and basically just being fans. Because, essentially that’s what we are. When you start to think of the stars you idolize as ‘friends’ you see them differently, and it kind of ruins that whole fan-to-star relationship you previously had. It’s hard to explain really.

Or even ones who you’ve found not as nice as they seem in the media?

I think the reason behind the success of my channel so far is because we show the stars as they really are – you read interviews, watch them on the television, listen to them chatting on the radio, and the majority of these times they have teams of people sat either side of them advising them what to say and how to come across. So when we head out to meet them, we get them away from these situations and track them down out and about on the street and at hotels and we get to see (and sneakily vlog) what they’re really like! The majority are just as lovely. But some of them are not so lovely! The best is when you see a star constantly expressing how ‘thankful they are for the fans’ and ‘how they wouldn’t be anything without the fans’ – and then the second the cameras stop rolling, they stop out the TV studio and see us fans waiting by the car – they don’t even look up and acknowledge you.

Out of all the people you have met, who would you say is/are the nicest people? Do any of them seem down to Earth?

Taylor Swift is probably the nicest we’ve met so far. We were waiting for her in the cold outside a radio station, and not only did she invite us in, get us a drink and hang out with us…she then gave us her managers number and told us to call everytime she’s in town and she hooks us up with VIP tickets and a meet and greet backstage before the show!

Do you remember your first ever YouTube video?

My first video wasn’t really meant for YouTube. I was making a mini-documentary for a project at university and mine was centred around my friends and I spending 6 weeks stalking McFly up and down the country. And well, cut a long story short, it ended up an exhibition in Manchester, featured on BBC News, on McFly’s official website and causing all kinds of internet dramaz amongst the fandom because a band had never publicly acknowledged or showcased a bunch of fans as ‘dedicated’ as we were. So from there, I thought THIS IS HILARIOUS TO WATCH BACK, I’M GONNA FILM EVERYTIME I GO TO A SHOW! And it all grew from there.

You have two books out about your crazy (yet totally epic) life! What can you tell us about them?

My books, like the videos, just document all the crazy adventures we’ve got up to over the years. We’d spent years stalking celebrities before we ever decided to ever pick a camera up and vlog and the books share all the mad stories and pictures that I don’t have on my YouTube!

What’s the craziest experience you’ve had when meeting celebs?

It’d hard to even answer that. Things tend to get very dramatic very fast! We head out into town to meet someone at a hotel, and fast forward 6 hours and you’re falling asleep on a strangers floor hundreds of miles away after you drove round all day with them following the band!

Where would you see yourself in five years’ time?

Possibly in jail. Or dead. JUST JOOOKING! I honestly have no idea – hopefully still doing what I do now; living life as much as I can, doing what makes me happy and just entertaining people along the way.

Finally, what advice would you give to people new to YouTube and vlogging?

Don’t concentrate on subscribers or views or likes. Make videos because you want to make videos – that’s why I started and that’s why I still do it. If only my mum and friends watched, I’d still be making them as I do. Just go out and have fun really, you’re only young once and all that – go have some fun. And film it…so when you’re not young and have a life of boredom ahead of you, you have something to watch back.

Images: Joshua Fox

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