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Hey, guys. It’s Kr4ck3n here and I’m writing about a game.

Yes, a game, but not any old game. No, it’s my game. It’s called ‘Zombie Teddy Bears: Infinity’ or ‘ZTB: Infinity’ and is a 3rd person shooter where you play as a character who looks to be in some sort of dream shooting different variants of zombie teddy. There is a heavy teddy bear, which has 300 health and once killed gives you 50 points, there is also a kind of foot soldier which has 150 health and gives the player 25 points and then there is a recruit bear which has 100 health and gives the player 10 points once killed.

All enemies have a different death sound and walking sound, they all do a certain amount of damage to the player and have different speeds to make the player work a little more to kill them. So, currently I’m working on re-texturing the player and enemies so they don’t look stupid; I will then have bosses implemented once the player gains so many points but all this has been on a stand still as I’ve been busy with exams and – oddly enough – I’ve been going out more.

So, once I get my head back together and have the time to finish this game I will upload it to Dropbox and give a few people the link so they can test-run it and if I get good reviews I shall update it with a few extra features, such as: character selection and maybe power ups. But, as of now I’m going to work on re-texturing the enemies and player.

Kr4ck3n out.

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